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Microbial Warrior® System

BIO SHEEN is the ONLY Forensic Restoration and Decontamination Company acknowledged in British Scientific Journals.

“Bio-Sheen is the industry leading expert in high level disinfecting services and Forensic Restoration®”

- CLEANFAX magazine

Fast and Discreet Suicide Cleaners in Texas and Nearby Areas

Bio-Sheen is certified in the Microbial Warrior® System of Forensic Restoration and Cleaning.

BioSheen of Texas is the only company of suicide cleaners in the State of Texas with a written protocol for Suicide Scene Cleanup and Remediation that meets and exceeds current industry standards and guidelines.

If you, your family, friends, or colleagues have been affected by the suicide of a friend or relative, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you first and foremost.

At BioSheen Services LLC here in Texas, we do our best as suicide cleaners to work as discreetly as we can to protect the confidentiality of the victim of the act, as well as the family. Taking one’s own life (or even the attempt) can be extremely difficult to understand and work through. Suicide scenes can be immensely traumatic for family and friends, much more and deeper than even the act itself. Among many reactions, syndromes like that of critical incident stress can be experienced by these individuals. The shortest verse in The Bible is “Jesus wept.” This was in response to the loss of a dear friend.

Cleaning up body fluids is never pleasant, and when family or friends have to experience blood and other biological debris, it can and usually does emotionally affect them for years to come. Please do not subject yourself to further psychological trauma. It’s critical to ensure that you hire Texas’ most trained, qualified, and professional suicide cleaners to deal with these painful and trying situations. Many times you hear the term “blood cleanup”, and hear it associated with these situations along with non-fatal accident cleanup. Death doesn’t have to be involved when you contact BioSheen Services LLC; simply the presence of a large amount of blood or bio-fluids is already enough.

BioSheen Services LLC’s team of professional suicide cleaners from Texas as well as its exclusive five-step Forensic Restoration® solution to all suicide incident sites will not only revert the indoor environment to being visually clean. At the same time, we guarantee the place to be free of disease-carrying pathogens and odor-causing bacteria and to be biologically safe.

Get in touch with us and let our expert suicide cleaners deal with these difficult situations for you.

Suicides are emotionally devastating to family and friends.  Please, strongly consider hiring a professional Certified Forensic Restorer to save yourself from additional psychological trauma.