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BIO SHEEN is the ONLY Forensic Restoration and Decontamination Company acknowledged in British Scientific Journals.

“Bio-Sheen is the industry leading expert in high level disinfecting services and Forensic Restoration®”

- CLEANFAX magazine

BioSheen Press: All About Forensic Cleaning - Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma

If you have any questions about the industry, and the procedures involved, check out our Press. Here, you can browse and read all about forensic cleaning and more. We frequently update our press page to update people across Oklahoma City and the rest of Oklahoma regarding new challenges, advances, and procedures we have. You can also read on news we regularly publish as a part of our effort to let people know how important such industry is with regards to our safety and overall well-being.


What is Forensic Restoration

Jeff Jones, the director of forensic operations for the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) walks viewers through the common GBAC term “forensic restoration” in a recent video.

GBAC Trains Next Generation of ‘Microbial Warriors’

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) hosted a successful Certified Forensic Operator Training for cleaning and restoration industry professionals.

Certified Forensic Operator Training Registration is Open

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s Certified Forensic Operator Training program will take place February 5-8, 2019 in Dallas.

Restoration & Remediation

The Forensic Files: Understanding the Calling

The work is part of you. How you process and departmentalize the information to both the senses and the psyche could be a major factor in the length of your career as a Forensic Operator™ and/or determine if you are even suited to do this type of work at all.

Infectious Disease 101: YOU Create the Protocol

Fact: Infectious diseases have killed more people than all the wars in history combined. Infectious diseases have been the scourge of humanity since the advent of civilization.

Edmond Outlook

A Higher Form of Forensics

A Tough Job – Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic death can wear on anyone’s spirit, even those who make a career out of it. For Jeff and Lori, preparation, expectation and faith give them the strength to help families.