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Microbial Warrior® System

BIO SHEEN is the ONLY Forensic Restoration and Decontamination Company acknowledged in British Scientific Journals.

“Bio-Sheen is the industry leading expert in high level disinfecting services and Forensic Restoration®”

- CLEANFAX magazine

Texas' Leading Homicide Cleaners

Bio-Sheen is certified in the Microbial Warrior® System of Forensic Restoration and Cleaning.

BioSheen Services LLC is the only Microbial Warrior® company of homicide cleaners in the State of Texas.

Homicide Cleanup is necessary in crime scenes where murder or homicide has occurred. Violent death is not only extremely messy when it occurs. It is usually highly traumatic for survivors and those involved. There can be, and usually are, significant quantities of blood and bodily fluids. At times, even other bio-matter can be present. Understandably, this is not a scene you want to clean up yourself. So the best you can do is contact Texas’ most professional homicide cleaners for the task: BioSheen Services LLC where “Care, Compassion and Concern”, is more than a motto — but a way of life. Let our expertise and training provide you with total peace of mind during these difficult times.

BioSheen Services LLC’s expert homicide cleaners and exclusive five-step process of cleaning, disinfecting and bio-testing for clearance assures you that not only is your incident site visually clean, but is now free of disease-carrying pathogens and odor-causing bacteria.

Our company serves across the entirety of Texas. Visit our contact page to send us your messages.

The first recorded homicide in history was Cain and Able. Mankind has been cleaning these incident sites ever since. But no one has ever come close to the holistic and multi-level approach to Forensic Restoration® like BioSheen Services LLC.